Not Another 9-5

As the days and weeks pass by I realize more and more, I simply cannot go to another 9-5 job. I am working harder day by day to make my dreams come to past. I have given myself a deadline to push towards my goal  and to be living out some part, if not all my dreams by the end of this year. I cannot, will not work another 9-5 job.

Since I was in elementary school I had come to conclusion, I would not work a 9-5 the rest of my life. As a child I could not believe how many hours people actually spend on a job and not with your family. It was crazy to me. I couldn’t believe this is how many hours adults stay at work. I already knew that I wanted to have flexibility in my life and be there for my family and not let the day pass me by sitting at a desk.

This is not to bash 9-5 job, careers, it’s just not for me. Every job I have ever worked, I loved it for what I learned and marked my place and made myself known in a great way as far as my work ethic, but at the end of the day it was not what I wanted. I eventually grew tired of working for the company or my values disagreed with your their values. When I say values not the mission or vision statement, I mean how they actually run the company.

Simply put, I just always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I always wanted to know and understand the value of having something behind my name. Having something I can pass on to my children. Knowing that I have a place to impact the world, this has always been a desire for me. I want to impact the world. I want to leave a legacy that my children can be proud of and one that affords me to be there for them.

These past month I have been pushing to work and get my very own book published. It’s amazing when you make up your mind to get something done and when you really don’t have any choice, it’s amazing me how things come together. I have been searching for a year or more to find the perfect editor  for my book. After all the searches I have ever done, I finally found the perfect editor. This has been a book I have been trying to get published for a few years now. I believe, I know this is the  year for me. I have a few more projects, I’m working on. I refuse to step on to another 9-5 job.

I believe all things happen for a reason. I believe God has put me in a place where I can now focus on the things that I want and desire to accomplish, and I am just determined to use my time wisely to get the things I desire. This future entrepreneur is determined to create her path and make her mark in the world. I hope you all do the same, go after the dream that you want. No matter how much it scares you, go after what you truly desire, only you know what you want you want for your life.


Endia xoxoxo


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The Day I Cut My Hair Off!

It’s a day that I have contemplated about for a year and a half. Should I cut my hair off, should I let my relaxer grow out and let my natural curls just flow? Every time it was the moment to decide whether to relax it or not,  I would cave in and get a relaxer.

I have debated and toiled with what I should do  with my hair. I thought about letting it grow out and just transition and then cut it off, but I worried about how would I manage the two textures of my hair. For the last 6 years I have been texlaxed, which is a process of relaxing your hair, but not allowing the chemicals to stay on your hair for along, which allows your hair to keep texture, but your curl pattern is more relaxed.

The last time I relaxed my hair was December 2015, I wished I had not, I wished I would have just went with my heart and not have relaxed my hair. After that last relaxer I was slowly cutting my hair little by little, but I was really tired of it. I would be due for another relaxer this month, but in February I decided I would not relax anymore.

On Sunday, February 28, 2016, was the day I decided to cut all of my hair because I was just tired of dealing with my hair. I had watched so many YouTube videos of girls doing big chops and there hair was great, so this day I thought I could do it myself as well. Well, that didn’t turn out as great as I thought it was. My air was uneven, it looked a mess (I forgot to take a picture) and that’s when I realized I was not as good as a hair cutter than I had imagined. It was devastating. I went to look for a hair salon to fix this mess and no hair salons were open on Monday. Thank goodness one hair salon allowed me to schedule an appointment for Tuesday online. I was even more thankful that I had a wig to wear for Monday.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, I went to my appointment, I was a little nervous, but I was ready. It has been years since I had to go to a hair salon, I had become very good at taking care of my hair. At first the goal was to see how much hair I can have without cutting all my hair off. However, there were so many areas where there was a straight pieces of hair, so I made the decision. I said, “Cut it all off” I must say it was one of the best decision I have ever made. I felt so free. It was not just about the hair, but it was a moment for me to step out the box. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain, do something that scares you, do something different.

This year I made up in my mind I was completing the goals that I have left behind. I determined to go after my dreams and this one of those steps to keep reaching for that goal. If I cannot do the one small thing that scares me, would I honestly be able to do the one big thing that scares me. I love my hair and I am ready to conquer everything that’s ahead.


Endia xoxoxo


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Monday Motivation: Rise to the Occasion

For me Monday is start to another week to get it right. To get done what I felt I slacked on the week before or even in the month. Monday is that fresh clean slate that you need to kick start your your week. However, I must confess there are things that I have slacked on for years. Ideas that I have sat on and thought about doing, but never completed.

Why didn’t I complete these task, goals, and desires that were given to me? Self doubt! I let my insecurities get in the way. I allowed thoughts of why my idea wouldn’t work get in the way. Worse I let fear get it my way. I let years drift by as my ideas sat in my head and I never gave life to it.

I made up in my mind when I quit my job, I was going all in. One, because it is time for me to live out my dreams and live the life that I have always desired. And secondly, I strongly dislike working a 9-5 job. I feel like life is passing me by being on a job all day. Not only that there is so many projects that I want to do on my own to bring life to my own desires.

I have made up in my mind I’m going to rise to the occasion. Everything that I have ever desired, every idea that has come to me, I am going after it. These things did not come to me by accident, it’s my destiny. It was given to me by God’s divine purpose for my life and how dare me just sit on it. I encourage each and everyone of you that read this to rise to the occasion with me and let’s get everything we ever wanted to do. Stop doubting ourselves and get what we always desired. Complete that project you always wanted. Go after that dream job, start that business. We can do it, all we have to do is rise to the occasion.


Endia xoxoxo

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Grind In Patience

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I was thinking to myself, “What can I write today in this blog to be an inspiration to myself and others. And these are the words that came to me: ‘Grind In Patience.’ As stated before, I took the leap of faith to quit my part-time job, to pursue my dreams of writing, acting, and modeling, all while pursuing my MBA.

The fact that I am 34, many times makes me feel as if I am late in the game. However, there is always a small reminder to bring back to my remembrance that I am on God’s timing and to just keep moving. It was so insightful because just when I had that thought someone posted on Instagram of all the successful people, that really became successful and iconic  after the age 30, Oprah was one of them names on that list to be exact, it was just the boost I needed. As long as I don’t give up or quit, I cannot lose. I had a thought the other day that reminded me how far I had come in life. Coming from a small town in Florida, now living in Washington State and all the steps that I had experienced to get here and all of it has worked to get me here and put me in a place to pursue my dreams. I believe this is the perfect moment in time to pursue the things that I desire. I am in perfect position to get what I desire.

I am grinding. I truly believe it is time to grind and conquer my dreams and make my mark on the world. Patience is everything and grinding is everything. I believe while grinding, we need to have patience along with that. While grinding your way towards your success, patience is needed in order for us not to become impatient and to lose sight of what we are working towards. There are plenty of times, I am ONLY one week into reaching a goal, and I am screaming to myself, “What is taking so long?” Just that quick, impatience has crept in and made me feels as if I have been on the journey so long  and left me wondering what is taking so long. It is so funny, but at the same time this can be damaging  because our impatience can take us off the road and journey that God has us on, detouring us from the goal of reaching our dreams and desire.

I just want to encourage all of use that are reaching for a dream, reaching for that goal, and reaching for the stars, to grind with patience. Don’t stop! Work hard, work harder, but do not forget to be patient because in the end the grind will be worth it. Timing is everything, while you are grinding, God is lining up everything and everyone in place to receive your gift and getting you ready to reap the benefits.


Endia xoxoxo




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Love Conquers: Meagan Good and Devon Franklin




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I tapped on my Instagram app on my phone as usual to see what was going on in society and Hollywood. I happened upon one of those 15 minute video clips of Devon Franklin defending his wife in the most respectful and beautiful way as any husband should for their wives. I immediately wanted to see a full clips to see fully what was said. I found a full clip on YouTube and what I saw was a Christian woman correcting Meagan Good on her dress stating the fact that Meagan’s dress conflicted with her message of being a Christian and waiting to have sex until marriage, her husband instantly chimed in and said “… she gon’ wear what she want to wear in Jesus name,” the crowd burst in praise and support.

I have witnessed all types of videos and blogs about this topic of Hollywood vs. Christianity type things. Where do Christians draw the line of sexiness in Hollywood. Here is my dilemma with this. Myself being a PK (preacher’s kid), and having been in ministry for many years of my life. This has been a long debate for years, I have seen the church drag other Christians because they were considered too worldly and not uplifting the standards of the Lord. I have seen people give up natural talents and passion because they were told that it was not Godly and not a standard for living a holy life. I have seen people suppress, I believe, the gifts that God gave them because it was not “church friendly.”

It is amazing to me that in 2016, we are still having this debate with this issue. I am amazed at what God is doing in Meagan Good’s life. The work her and her husband is doing is truly a blessing . Let’s be clear, Meagan Good is a Hollywood actress and has been in the business since childhood. Why should she have to choose? No one needs to change their dress to show that God has changed their life. It is a work of the heart, not clothes. I have seen people fully dressed from neck to toe and were absolutely mean without the love of Christ. I am proud that Meagan Good has found love. I have seen nothing but great things coming from the both of them.

The truth of the matter is, Meagan Good is in a perfect position to do the work of God, regardless of the way she dresses. Why? Because there are people that she can reach that your everyday church member cannot. Believe it or not Meagan Good will be able to reach people irregardless of her dress because it will make her approachable and be seen as being non-judgmental. Other people or other Hollywood stars will be able to look at her and see that she is in the same industry as them, but see the light in her. She will be a able to draw people with her light of love. Over the years I have seen Meagan Good in many  interviews and she has always came off as a soft spoken, sweet person. I could not be more happy for her and what she is doing right now. Meagan Good does not need to be put down about mere clothes, she needs love.

Those who are in Hollywood and in the limelight don’t need our judgment they need our love and support. The church should not make people have to choose what side they are going to be on, there should not be a choice, but rather pray for them that they can withstand and be a light to the world regardless of the industry they are in. Blessings to Meagan Good and Devon Franklin, in continuing in God’s work, many lives will be changed because of the work you two are doing. Let us love people, rather than change people to love them.

Blessings, xoxoxo


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Should Beyonce Apologize?

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We all witnessed the spectacular Beyonce performance during the Super Bowl halftime show. It blew everyone away. Beyonce strutting with her hair flip as usual, including her dancers all walking in perfect formation (pun intended.) However, after the performance there was serious backlash that people thought, “how could she perform this song at the Super Bowl.” Some felt as if the performance pushed hatred and disrespect towards the police.

However, I am a little confused as to how is that Beyonce’s video of “Formation”  went viral without backlash. The video is pretty much all anyone was talking about, many people recorded their reactions to her video via YouTube. Forbes reported that Red Lobster sales jumped 33% from their mention in the “Formation” song. Here is my dilemma, what message were people looking at? Why was there such backlash for the performance and not the video. Were they mesmerized by her beauty and body (which she is gorgeous), that they missed the message at hand? I saw the video and was amazed at what I saw. Yes, I saw the her beautiful body, outfits, and hair, but I also heard the message behind the art and I was quite proud.

I was proud that Beyonce took this time to speak about something that was on heart. I believe she did it in the fashion that resonates with her the most and that is through her music. The are so many strong messages in this song, but it is disheartening that people see this as a moment of divide and not a time for resolution. I get that a lot of people felt that she should have not used the Super Bowl as a moment to state her case, but I felt  it was needed. It seems as if it brought an awareness, especially for the Black Panthers that have not been around for a long time.

It saddens me that the NYPD Police Department is giving her an ultimatum to apologize  or she will not receive police protection at her concerts. That absolutely not that is the answer. Instead of seeking resolution, it’s as if blame is being shifted instead of addressing the issue at hand. This could have been a moment that the NYPD or any other police department could have offered to meet with Beyonce or with the leaders of their respective community to discuss the issue. One would have to be completely blind to say there is not a police brutality issue. No this is not a license for people to disrespect police officers or murder them because there are good police officers out there, however no one should demand an apology without seeking an understanding of the issues at hand.

So, the question is should Beyonce apologize? No! It’s like the old saying goes, ‘If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything’ (unknown where quote originated). If God has blessed someone with influence, it would be a grave injustice to turn your back on what is right, regardless of the money or wealth you have.

Blessings xoxoxo,


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Monday Motivation: Cherish Your Life!



In August 2014, I met a woman that I will call Ms. D she was of the mature age crowd. She was beautiful, bright and full of life. We were both taking a certification class in Life Coaching. Ms. D had the greatest sense of humor ever. She kept myself and another young woman laughing throughout the entire class. Classes would began once a month for 4 months on a Friday night. Myself being half her age, would come in tired and wore out from the work week. Not Ms. D, she would come in with fancy attire and shoes, she also had worked the entire week (although she was nearing retirement), but she came in full of joy and zest. I would ask, “where are you going?” Ms. D would reply in the most sassy voice, “I’m going dancing.” I would be so shocked because not only was I already tired, I would definitely be tired after class that night.

Nevertheless, we had come at the end of the certification class, all of us with such a strong bond, however I was quite fond of Ms. D. She reminded me of my grandmother in so many ways, but she also had so much spunk and zest for life. We graduated from class in December, so during I had flew my mom to Washington State to visit me for the holidays, I had informed Ms. D of this and she wanted to meet my mom and I was so excited because I truly wanted her to meet my mom as well.

“Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.” ~Picturequotes

The day came for Ms. D to meet my mom and it was great, we had a great time. Out of this lunch meeting, Ms. D invited me to a monthly game of Bunco (link to game instructions, so fun!) with her and her friends. These ladies meet every month  to play this game of fun. I later discovered they had been meeting for about 40 years. They originally started meeting as a way to go out and bring there kids so they can have fun without having to worry about childcare. Needless to say these kids are now grown adults with their own spouses and kids.

Never in a million years, I would have thought these women would have the impact that they have had on me. Let me remind you that these women are  in their 50-60s. Full of zest, life, and spunk. They have the greatest sense of humor and smart mouths with lots of sarcasm, but I love every moment. Sometimes I even forget that these women are in their 50-60s until certain conversations of life and death come up. This past Saturday was a great reminder, the host for this month she was very tired and wore out, she was so tired that she was stumbling when she walked. It was a reminder that these women were not as young as I am. Their tired is different from my tired.

Last month one of the ladies made mentioned how she would be turning 65, and another made a comment, “yes, I have more years behind me than I do ahead.” This was like a electric shock went through my mind. It reminded me that death is imminent, however so is life. It was a reminder to enjoy each day that I have. We only get one life, it is up to us how we live it. We will all grow old in years and we must all one day consider our last days, however it is up to us how we spend our days and years. The ladies have taught me so much, but most importantly to enjoy the life I have and to live and experience life because there will become a time that all my years will just be a reflection of memories. When I am their age I too want to continue to create memories, but I want to be able to say I have lived and cherished the life that I have had.

Blessings xoxoxo,



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