Lessons of Life: Get Rid Of Your Happiness Suckers


Everyday is precious, everyday is a gift and a blessing. Every moment should be cherished and appreciated, however every day there are negative people, negative energy around to take your mind off what goodness has come your way. That energy often blinds you from knowing that your life is a blessing.

It is amazing there are times I am in a great mood, and I am thinking about the goodness of Jesus. There are moments when I am reflecting on my life, love and peace, then all of sudden there is a miserable being out of nowhere who comes and act as if life has destroyed them and they are looking to destroy others.

You try to encourage them, but they insist on complaining about everything and they have nothing to be happy about. It makes me wonder what has life done to them to make them so miserable. It saddens me that sometimes people do not understand that whatever happened to them may not have been their best day and it may have been a very traumatic experience. That experience or situation was not there to dictate their happiness.

The moment I encounter people who try to take my happiness, I immediately put up my shield and remind myself that I am great and life is wonderful, I remind myself of my goals and all that I have accomplish and will accomplish.

DO NOT allow people, coworkers, relationships, even family members steal what God has placed in you. Sometimes all you can do is just pray for the individual. Pray that they may see light even in their darkest hour. However, you must protect everything that has been placed in you.

Remove anything that is not bringing life to you, your family, and its future. It amazes me how people are willing to hold on to things and people who add no value to their life. I have witnessed people hold on to people because that was what they were used to, even though that person was bringing them down. It was all they knew so they held on to them.

Release. Don’t be afraid to have to walk away from things and people who are completely destroying your happiness. I guarantee you that as soon as you release what is taking your happiness, more happiness in abundance will be added to your life.


Endia xoxoxo


About endiadavis

My name is Endia Davis, I am from a small town in Florida called Palatka. I am a Military Veteran, a Certified Transformational Life Coach. I am here trying to make my mark in the world. My heart's desire is to make an impact on someone's life. One life at a time.
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