Lessons on Life: You Need To Recover!

As I lie here recovering from my knee surgery, the word recovery has been on my mind so heavily. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, recovery is the act or process of returning to a normal state after a period of difficulty. Recovery is day by day process that takes time. Sometimes for many recovery is a minute by minute. Depending on how deep the wound may be. So many people are suffering from broken relationships, guilt, grief, and many other things. Recovery takes time. The hurt may be so deep and cold you have to force your way to recovery. Recovery is there for any and everyone if you so desire to recover. Do not be a victim of circumstance, but become a victor for the person who will go through what you went through. You see, your pain, your journey is not just for you, but for the people you will help to recover. Loss and pain is a testament that you have loved and will love again. Recovery is a state of mind. It is a determination that you discover within yourself that you will fight for what is yours. You will fight for your peace, your joy, your love, and your future. The moment you make up in your mind to get up from your wounds, is the moment you start recovering. Start Now! Start Recovering! Your family needs you, the woman or the man you will meet next week may need to hear your story. The success you desire, started from the moment of your loss and pain, but will be birthed through your recovery!


Endia xoxoxo


About endiadavis

My name is Endia Davis, I am from a small town in Florida called Palatka. I am a Military Veteran, a Certified Transformational Life Coach. I am here trying to make my mark in the world. My heart's desire is to make an impact on someone's life. One life at a time.
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One Response to Lessons on Life: You Need To Recover!

  1. heartwriter says:

    Powerful. Beautiful. Thanks for posting!

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