34 and Starting A New Journey



It is amazing how life works, life can take you down so many different roads, it will leave you wondering when will I get to the end, when will I see my destiny. Last night I laid in my bed and these thoughts ran across my head. I thought to myself are we really supposed to reach a destination, is it really ever intended to be over.

It seems as if we are programmed to believe we pick a career, get married, have kids, and have the picket white fence home and that is the dream of life. It has to be more to that. I am discovering that I don’t think there is really an end until our last breathe. We should always look to discover new knowledge, new truths, and new challenges to empower our lives.

At 34, I was at a crossroads, do I stay at this job and hope all my dreams come true or do I quit this job, and o after my dreams with everything that is within me. I was miserable, I dreaded getting up in the morning. I had to quit. I wanted more. I have always wanted more. I have always wanted to work for myself and provide my family. I have always wanted to be free and live the life that I know that God has destined for me.

This year I am dedicating my life to achieve the success I desire. I am determined to go after it. I will be invested in my writing. I will be invested in completed the book I finished and get it published to the world. I will be dedicated to building my blog and creating writing work that creates a life for me. I am determined to be the true entrepreneur that I know I am. I am not sure what others doors this will open up for me, but I will turn every doorknob of opportunity that lines up with my desire.

Who is with me? Who will go after there dreams? I am in it to win it. I hope anyone who reads this, decides to chase after their dreams as I am choosing to do. Life is too short not to live the life you truly deserve and want to live.

Blessings xoxoxo,



About endiadavis

My name is Endia Davis, I am from a small town in Florida called Palatka. I am a Military Veteran, a Certified Transformational Life Coach. I am here trying to make my mark in the world. My heart's desire is to make an impact on someone's life. One life at a time.
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