Should Beyonce Apologize?

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We all witnessed the spectacular Beyonce performance during the Super Bowl halftime show. It blew everyone away. Beyonce strutting with her hair flip as usual, including her dancers all walking in perfect formation (pun intended.) However, after the performance there was serious backlash that people thought, “how could she perform this song at the Super Bowl.” Some felt as if the performance pushed hatred and disrespect towards the police.

However, I am a little confused as to how is that Beyonce’s video of “Formation”  went viral without backlash. The video is pretty much all anyone was talking about, many people recorded their reactions to her video via YouTube. Forbes reported that Red Lobster sales jumped 33% from their mention in the “Formation” song. Here is my dilemma, what message were people looking at? Why was there such backlash for the performance and not the video. Were they mesmerized by her beauty and body (which she is gorgeous), that they missed the message at hand? I saw the video and was amazed at what I saw. Yes, I saw the her beautiful body, outfits, and hair, but I also heard the message behind the art and I was quite proud.

I was proud that Beyonce took this time to speak about something that was on heart. I believe she did it in the fashion that resonates with her the most and that is through her music. The are so many strong messages in this song, but it is disheartening that people see this as a moment of divide and not a time for resolution. I get that a lot of people felt that she should have not used the Super Bowl as a moment to state her case, but I felt  it was needed. It seems as if it brought an awareness, especially for the Black Panthers that have not been around for a long time.

It saddens me that the NYPD Police Department is giving her an ultimatum to apologize  or she will not receive police protection at her concerts. That absolutely not that is the answer. Instead of seeking resolution, it’s as if blame is being shifted instead of addressing the issue at hand. This could have been a moment that the NYPD or any other police department could have offered to meet with Beyonce or with the leaders of their respective community to discuss the issue. One would have to be completely blind to say there is not a police brutality issue. No this is not a license for people to disrespect police officers or murder them because there are good police officers out there, however no one should demand an apology without seeking an understanding of the issues at hand.

So, the question is should Beyonce apologize? No! It’s like the old saying goes, ‘If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything’ (unknown where quote originated). If God has blessed someone with influence, it would be a grave injustice to turn your back on what is right, regardless of the money or wealth you have.

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