Love Conquers: Meagan Good and Devon Franklin




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I tapped on my Instagram app on my phone as usual to see what was going on in society and Hollywood. I happened upon one of those 15 minute video clips of Devon Franklin defending his wife in the most respectful and beautiful way as any husband should for their wives. I immediately wanted to see a full clips to see fully what was said. I found a full clip on YouTube and what I saw was a Christian woman correcting Meagan Good on her dress stating the fact that Meagan’s dress conflicted with her message of being a Christian and waiting to have sex until marriage, her husband instantly chimed in and said “… she gon’ wear what she want to wear in Jesus name,” the crowd burst in praise and support.

I have witnessed all types of videos and blogs about this topic of Hollywood vs. Christianity type things. Where do Christians draw the line of sexiness in Hollywood. Here is my dilemma with this. Myself being a PK (preacher’s kid), and having been in ministry for many years of my life. This has been a long debate for years, I have seen the church drag other Christians because they were considered too worldly and not uplifting the standards of the Lord. I have seen people give up natural talents and passion because they were told that it was not Godly and not a standard for living a holy life. I have seen people suppress, I believe, the gifts that God gave them because it was not “church friendly.”

It is amazing to me that in 2016, we are still having this debate with this issue. I am amazed at what God is doing in Meagan Good’s life. The work her and her husband is doing is truly a blessing . Let’s be clear, Meagan Good is a Hollywood actress and has been in the business since childhood. Why should she have to choose? No one needs to change their dress to show that God has changed their life. It is a work of the heart, not clothes. I have seen people fully dressed from neck to toe and were absolutely mean without the love of Christ. I am proud that Meagan Good has found love. I have seen nothing but great things coming from the both of them.

The truth of the matter is, Meagan Good is in a perfect position to do the work of God, regardless of the way she dresses. Why? Because there are people that she can reach that your everyday church member cannot. Believe it or not Meagan Good will be able to reach people irregardless of her dress because it will make her approachable and be seen as being non-judgmental. Other people or other Hollywood stars will be able to look at her and see that she is in the same industry as them, but see the light in her. She will be a able to draw people with her light of love. Over the years I have seen Meagan Good in many  interviews and she has always came off as a soft spoken, sweet person. I could not be more happy for her and what she is doing right now. Meagan Good does not need to be put down about mere clothes, she needs love.

Those who are in Hollywood and in the limelight don’t need our judgment they need our love and support. The church should not make people have to choose what side they are going to be on, there should not be a choice, but rather pray for them that they can withstand and be a light to the world regardless of the industry they are in. Blessings to Meagan Good and Devon Franklin, in continuing in God’s work, many lives will be changed because of the work you two are doing. Let us love people, rather than change people to love them.

Blessings, xoxoxo



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