Grind In Patience

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I was thinking to myself, “What can I write today in this blog to be an inspiration to myself and others. And these are the words that came to me: ‘Grind In Patience.’ As stated before, I took the leap of faith to quit my part-time job, to pursue my dreams of writing, acting, and modeling, all while pursuing my MBA.

The fact that I am 34, many times makes me feel as if I am late in the game. However, there is always a small reminder to bring back to my remembrance that I am on God’s timing and to just keep moving. It was so insightful because just when I had that thought someone posted on Instagram of all the successful people, that really became successful and iconic  after the age 30, Oprah was one of them names on that list to be exact, it was just the boost I needed. As long as I don’t give up or quit, I cannot lose. I had a thought the other day that reminded me how far I had come in life. Coming from a small town in Florida, now living in Washington State and all the steps that I had experienced to get here and all of it has worked to get me here and put me in a place to pursue my dreams. I believe this is the perfect moment in time to pursue the things that I desire. I am in perfect position to get what I desire.

I am grinding. I truly believe it is time to grind and conquer my dreams and make my mark on the world. Patience is everything and grinding is everything. I believe while grinding, we need to have patience along with that. While grinding your way towards your success, patience is needed in order for us not to become impatient and to lose sight of what we are working towards. There are plenty of times, I am ONLY one week into reaching a goal, and I am screaming to myself, “What is taking so long?” Just that quick, impatience has crept in and made me feels as if I have been on the journey so long  and left me wondering what is taking so long. It is so funny, but at the same time this can be damaging  because our impatience can take us off the road and journey that God has us on, detouring us from the goal of reaching our dreams and desire.

I just want to encourage all of use that are reaching for a dream, reaching for that goal, and reaching for the stars, to grind with patience. Don’t stop! Work hard, work harder, but do not forget to be patient because in the end the grind will be worth it. Timing is everything, while you are grinding, God is lining up everything and everyone in place to receive your gift and getting you ready to reap the benefits.


Endia xoxoxo





About endiadavis

My name is Endia Davis, I am from a small town in Florida called Palatka. I am a Military Veteran, a Certified Transformational Life Coach. I am here trying to make my mark in the world. My heart's desire is to make an impact on someone's life. One life at a time.
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