Monday Motivation: Rise to the Occasion

For me Monday is start to another week to get it right. To get done what I felt I slacked on the week before or even in the month. Monday is that fresh clean slate that you need to kick start your your week. However, I must confess there are things that I have slacked on for years. Ideas that I have sat on and thought about doing, but never completed.

Why didn’t I complete these task, goals, and desires that were given to me? Self doubt! I let my insecurities get in the way. I allowed thoughts of why my idea wouldn’t work get in the way. Worse I let fear get it my way. I let years drift by as my ideas sat in my head and I never gave life to it.

I made up in my mind when I quit my job, I was going all in. One, because it is time for me to live out my dreams and live the life that I have always desired. And secondly, I strongly dislike working a 9-5 job. I feel like life is passing me by being on a job all day. Not only that there is so many projects that I want to do on my own to bring life to my own desires.

I have made up in my mind I’m going to rise to the occasion. Everything that I have ever desired, every idea that has come to me, I am going after it. These things did not come to me by accident, it’s my destiny. It was given to me by God’s divine purpose for my life and how dare me just sit on it. I encourage each and everyone of you that read this to rise to the occasion with me and let’s get everything we ever wanted to do. Stop doubting ourselves and get what we always desired. Complete that project you always wanted. Go after that dream job, start that business. We can do it, all we have to do is rise to the occasion.


Endia xoxoxo


About endiadavis

My name is Endia Davis, I am from a small town in Florida called Palatka. I am a Military Veteran, a Certified Transformational Life Coach. I am here trying to make my mark in the world. My heart's desire is to make an impact on someone's life. One life at a time.
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