34 and Starting A New Journey



It is amazing how life works, life can take you down so many different roads, it will leave you wondering when will I get to the end, when will I see my destiny. Last night I laid in my bed and these thoughts ran across my head. I thought to myself are we really supposed to reach a destination, is it really ever intended to be over.

It seems as if we are programmed to believe we pick a career, get married, have kids, and have the picket white fence home and that is the dream of life. It has to be more to that. I am discovering that I don’t think there is really an end until our last breathe. We should always look to discover new knowledge, new truths, and new challenges to empower our lives.

At 34, I was at a crossroads, do I stay at this job and hope all my dreams come true or do I quit this job, and o after my dreams with everything that is within me. I was miserable, I dreaded getting up in the morning. I had to quit. I wanted more. I have always wanted more. I have always wanted to work for myself and provide my family. I have always wanted to be free and live the life that I know that God has destined for me.

This year I am dedicating my life to achieve the success I desire. I am determined to go after it. I will be invested in my writing. I will be invested in completed the book I finished and get it published to the world. I will be dedicated to building my blog and creating writing work that creates a life for me. I am determined to be the true entrepreneur that I know I am. I am not sure what others doors this will open up for me, but I will turn every doorknob of opportunity that lines up with my desire.

Who is with me? Who will go after there dreams? I am in it to win it. I hope anyone who reads this, decides to chase after their dreams as I am choosing to do. Life is too short not to live the life you truly deserve and want to live.

Blessings xoxoxo,


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I Quit My Job

I quit my job

Well…. actually  I quit my job last night! Yes! That’s right I quit my job! I was tormented, I toiled with why I should stay, I thought “what would people think” I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am just tired of it all. So I called the absence hotline and told them I would not be in.

It was a great company, but I came to the conclusion that I am tired of working towards somebody else’s  dream. I have so many dreams that I desire to fulfill in my own life. Working for someone else is not building my own dreams. It also doesn’t help that I am a full-time MBA grad student, put these things together there is not too much time left to do anything.

I am determined to do what I love and do just that. I am determined to find my niche. I would be lying if I said I knew exactly what I was going to do, because I don’t have it all pieced together.

I do know that I am putting this out into the universe believing that God will piece this all together for me as I put my self to action. I would be lying if I said I had a concrete plan. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have some apprehension, but I am determined to live the life I desire. I am determined to be happy.

I am happy that I took this leap of faith!

Blessings xoxoxo,


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Lessons on Life: Back to the Basics

ProfileI’m headed back to the basics. For me it is a point in life where you realized you have lost touch with your passion and what you really loved to do. I was got so caught up in making it or becoming successful until my drive and my passion was gone. It was no longer fun anymore. I wanted to inspire people, I wanted to make a difference, but in the back of mind I was perplexed about when and how I can make a living doing it.

So many times you hear all these people speaking on how in a few months they made a full-time career of coaching or speaking (nothing against any of this because I truly believe you can, and I know I will). However I take responsibility for myself because I lost sight trying to pursue something that I didn’t completely understand myself or not acknowledging the path God has me pursuing.

I believe there is a time and season for all things. I come to conclusion that I am already on the right path to becoming and being who I want to be, just have to continue in the path that I am already on. I believe sometimes we can take on too much, and too quickly and lose sight and purpose of what we desire to accomplish.

My complete and utter desire is to inspire, uplift, and empower people, but I realized I must master the basics before moving to the next level I wanted. I learned I must trust the path and timing that I am on. Timing is everything because when I get to where I want to be the support will be there and everything I need to become successful on the next level will be there.

Blessings to you all,

Endia xoxoxo


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Monday Mornivation: Persevere

I have been so inspired by the Seattle Seahawks game that took place yesterday. Yes of course, they did not take the Super Bowl title this year, but rather it is the response that its Quarterback Russell Wilson has taken:

Thank You God for the opportunity. We’ll be back… I will never waiver on who He has called me to be…Thanks 12s #‎GoHawks ~Russell Wilson

The take away is that things may not go the way you planned them to go. Things may not go the way you think they should go, but you must have a will to continue and keep going. Just because that planned did not work the first, second, or third time does not mean you are not going to be successful. DO IT AGAIN! REVISE IT! Do not lose sight on the journey that you have been placed on. Success is not overnight. Success is born in disappointment and let down.

So Persevere- carry on, go the distance, be determined, hold on, stand fast. If what you believed for has not been seen in its fullness then you have no right to quit.

NLT– Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. ~ Romans 4:20


Endia xoxoxo

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Lessons on Life: You Need To Recover!

As I lie here recovering from my knee surgery, the word recovery has been on my mind so heavily. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, recovery is the act or process of returning to a normal state after a period of difficulty. Recovery is day by day process that takes time. Sometimes for many recovery is a minute by minute. Depending on how deep the wound may be. So many people are suffering from broken relationships, guilt, grief, and many other things. Recovery takes time. The hurt may be so deep and cold you have to force your way to recovery. Recovery is there for any and everyone if you so desire to recover. Do not be a victim of circumstance, but become a victor for the person who will go through what you went through. You see, your pain, your journey is not just for you, but for the people you will help to recover. Loss and pain is a testament that you have loved and will love again. Recovery is a state of mind. It is a determination that you discover within yourself that you will fight for what is yours. You will fight for your peace, your joy, your love, and your future. The moment you make up in your mind to get up from your wounds, is the moment you start recovering. Start Now! Start Recovering! Your family needs you, the woman or the man you will meet next week may need to hear your story. The success you desire, started from the moment of your loss and pain, but will be birthed through your recovery!


Endia xoxoxo

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Monday Mornivation: Your Reward Is Coming!


One of the shows I like to indulge in on Sunday night is Undercover Boss. I like to see what company will be featured and what are the issues the company is having. Every week I expect to put to tears because of the content of the show. Not only does the CEO or the owners find the issues with companies, but they also find the diamonds in the rough and the people who are the glue that holds their company together.

Some of the hard workers on the show do not come from successful families or wealth, but they have a drive that makes them strive for the best. It’s usually a single parent who are raising their kids and they want to make a difference for their family. It’s the immigrant who has come to the United States and is determined to have the American dream. It is the worker who is taking care of their elderly parents and trying to make ends meet. The list goes on and on. The thing the captures me is that these workers have a smile on their face and they work hard and they put their whole heart into their job not looking for anything. The only desire is to provide for their family.

Another thing I like about Undercover Boss is the fact that it not only provide rewards for the employees, but in many ways it is healing for the boss. So many of them every week walk away with some message or some healing in their own life. This show does so much more than provide a solution for businesses on how to improve profitability.

Conclusion: Continue to work hard in whatever you are doing. You may feel unappreciated. You may feel like no one sees you, but keep going. Someone is going to see you. Most importantly God sees you, so your reward is coming. Stay consistent, stay positive, and stay focused. Your reward is coming and it is going to be bigger than you think.


Endia xoxoxo

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Lessons of Life: Get Rid Of Your Happiness Suckers


Everyday is precious, everyday is a gift and a blessing. Every moment should be cherished and appreciated, however every day there are negative people, negative energy around to take your mind off what goodness has come your way. That energy often blinds you from knowing that your life is a blessing.

It is amazing there are times I am in a great mood, and I am thinking about the goodness of Jesus. There are moments when I am reflecting on my life, love and peace, then all of sudden there is a miserable being out of nowhere who comes and act as if life has destroyed them and they are looking to destroy others.

You try to encourage them, but they insist on complaining about everything and they have nothing to be happy about. It makes me wonder what has life done to them to make them so miserable. It saddens me that sometimes people do not understand that whatever happened to them may not have been their best day and it may have been a very traumatic experience. That experience or situation was not there to dictate their happiness.

The moment I encounter people who try to take my happiness, I immediately put up my shield and remind myself that I am great and life is wonderful, I remind myself of my goals and all that I have accomplish and will accomplish.

DO NOT allow people, coworkers, relationships, even family members steal what God has placed in you. Sometimes all you can do is just pray for the individual. Pray that they may see light even in their darkest hour. However, you must protect everything that has been placed in you.

Remove anything that is not bringing life to you, your family, and its future. It amazes me how people are willing to hold on to things and people who add no value to their life. I have witnessed people hold on to people because that was what they were used to, even though that person was bringing them down. It was all they knew so they held on to them.

Release. Don’t be afraid to have to walk away from things and people who are completely destroying your happiness. I guarantee you that as soon as you release what is taking your happiness, more happiness in abundance will be added to your life.


Endia xoxoxo

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